understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Beloved Children of Earth, your Pilgrimage is fast drawing to a close; and out of That Light from which you came, is flowing forth your Victory. Can you with Me comprehend for a few moments, the Light from which you came? The Light which is every moment beating your Heart; Out of That Great Fire-Breath of God, came your Individualization.

The “Mighty I AM Presence” projected your Higher Mental Body, then the Ray by which your human form came into being!

Contemplate with Me This Mighty Reality and no longer feel yourselves separate from that Great Light which gives you Life! That is your Life! That is your Intelligence and Power!

We, who know so well the Great Freedom, which comes alone from the Light; We who have It, because We have It, We know you can too! Will you not enter into Our Open Door, thru which Beloved Saint Germain has invited you to come; and no longer dwell upon the fragments of human creations?

Can you bear it Oh, Beloved Children, to face the Truth; and know the fragments of Life which you are ordinarily using, are but the farthest outer covering of the Light;

which is your Perfection, into which you may enter, if you will, in the Acknowledgment of your Presence, which is All Wise, All-Powerful, and Whose Light fills the Earth?

Do not let your attention go astray longer, for in your attention to the Presence, comes your Eternal Release. There is naught else to set you Free! Once you can hold yourself firm to your Presence, acknowledging It, calling It into action, then quickly comes your Release and Freedom!”

The Great Divine Director

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