understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“We, who have attained the Victory, know all your Requirements, perhaps far better than you could even imagine. When We say to you, We know your Victory is CERTAIN, can you not accept It and let the Quality which We are knowing for you, enter in and perform Its Perfect Service for you? It seems to Me It is quite practical, quite logical.

Your teacher who taught you mathematics, who taught you English, had attained such knowledge up to that point, wherein he or she was your teacher. Today, We who have attained Freedom offer Our Services to you; because We have attained!

Then you should be as open to This Help a far more Transcendent Privilege, than you were to your teacher in the schools of the physical world.Β It is all quite as practical; still It is Transcendent, It is Unusual! Try to feel This, Beloved Ones, and no longer let human concepts cause you to doubt again and fear.

If someone came to you and said, there was something wonderful, marvelous, over here in one of your magnificent buildings – would you hesitate to go and see for yourself, what it was and that it was there? Would you disbelieve someone and think that Chicago was not in existence – because you had not been there, or in Los Angeles?

Do you not see how inconsistent the human intellect is? It joyously, willingly accepts some things and rebels tremendously at others; most of the time at the things which would give it the Greatest Freedom.

Beloved Saint Germain has brought to you This Transcendent Knowledge of the “I AM” – every Word of which is True, Vital, Living, Powerful! It is your Freedom!

The Messengers have pled with you, offering so kindly every angle of Explanation; which will enable you to comprehend and understand, that It is your Application in your attention to the “Mighty I AM Presence”, which compels your Freedom.

Notice! It compels your Freedom! It is not a matter of can It be accomplished; but It does compel It at your Call!

Now will you not accept This tonight in Its Fullness? With GREAT FIRMNESS set about your application, knowing It cannot fail. Then, it only means a sufficient amount of your application to produce the results you require.

Do not waver in your application. Go on, and on, and on, until results are there. I tell you that you cannot fail! All the Ascended Ones tell you the same thing, because of Their Own Achievement!

If you let your feeling world resist, then you but delay your Freedom; but if you will call your Presence to give you now, the Full Feeling of Its Victory, your Victory – then, do you not see how quickly, you will enter into the Fullness of Its Power?

Joyous, Wonderful is the Privilege within your grasp!”

The Great Divine Director

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