understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Beloved Children of the Light, it having been My Joy and Privilege to minister to you during the past three days, will you be so kind, as to accept Those Qualities which I have anchored within your feeling world for constant use?

One of those Qualities is the ability for Greater Self-control and Mastery of your human feeling. To do this, will mean Freedom to you! Will you not accept all, which it has been My Humble Privilege to convey, to anchor there; that you may go forth on your way with less obstruction, humanly speaking?

Beginning in San Francisco, the Great Out-Pouring of the Cosmic Light, has made it possible for Certain things to be done for mankind, which it would not be wise to explain yet; but which I am taking advantage of, to give the students all possible Assistance in their Victory to their Freedom!

There is only one way, Beloved Ones, by which you can gain the Mastery of yourself, your world and all substance. That is by constantly trying, until you have called your “Mighty I AM Presence” into action with Sufficient Power, to still your human thought; and compel it to be obedient to the Law of your Presence, which is Harmony.

Thus, the Presence enables your Call to be answered with a sufficient VOLUME OF ENERGY, governed by Its Intelligence, to produce that which you require. All these Laws are very practical and no one need be deprived of what you require any longer.

Oh, that you may realize, you are having a Privilege only given to a few in the Retreats, only a short hundred years ago. A hundred years seem like a long time to you, does it not? But to Us it is like a day – a day of Great Joy and Achievement. One day, you will find it the same.

The need of mankind today, has made it possible for Us to render Such a Service, tonight! Some of you will only hear Me in the intellect! Many of you will hear Me with the intellect and feel It in your feeling world.

Those who can feel the Truth of My Humble Endeavor to assist you, will find It quickly active in your worlds; and may My Assistance cause many things to disappear from your worlds quickly, for which you have long prayed and hoped.

Will you not take advantage of this Opportunity?

I could not and would not utter idle words to you; but every Word I utter to you tonight, shall carry with It, the Power of Execution; not as your execution is of the outer world, but of the Power of Use and Service.

Oh, that you might understand all It means to you.”

The Great Divine Director

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