understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“The Blessed Students who have heard many of These Dictations, are feeling more and more powerfully the True Inner Meaning of Them; and what They mean to each Individual.

Once, you understand the Words an Ascended Being speaks, carry in Them the Power of Achievement, you will begin to comprehend what Mighty Power These Dictations carry! Can you accept THEIR POWER in your feeling world? Won’t you try, so It may have Its FULL POWER of Operation and Action?

Oh, how We long to have mankind feel the True Import of These Words, so they may quickly dismiss all human consciousness of limitations; and call the “Mighty I AM Presence” into action, to dissolve all human creations which have ever been acquired.

Then, how quickly each one would go forth – almost like a rocket – into his or her Permanent Achievement.

May I remind you, Precious Ones, that every particle of Achievement you accomplish, in the Knowledge of your “Mighty I AM Presence”, becomes a Permanent Thing? There is no slipping back in anything, which you call forth and achieve in the Knowledge of your Presence.

It becomes a Permanently Established Thing and cannot be forgotten and cannot be lost!

Today in the Requirement, according to the Great Cosmic Law, you have now drawn within you the Victory of Achievement! If you allow your human intellect to cause you again to doubt and fear, then you will have to wait another Opportunity of the Messengers, to re-establish This Work!

We are giving you the Opportunity here and did also in San Francisco, to utilize These Qualities which We are anchoring in your feeling world for Definite, but Powerful, Use! To the degree that you can feel This Help and let It begin to act, will you find Response and Manifestation in your outer world of activity.

So, tonight, you have entered a New World, the World of your “Mighty I AM Presence”. Will you say to Me: 

“I don’t feel any change in my body, I do not see any outward manifestation of It”?

If that should be your feeling, you are not apt to; but if you can say sincerely:

“‘Mighty I AM Presence’, I accept These Qualities which have been given me for use! You set them into action now! ‘Mighty I AM Presence’, see that I have the feeling of the Truth and the Activity of These Qualities, quickly brought into my outer use and manifestation.”

Then you will have Them! You will begin quickly to experience the Truth of the Words I speak to you!”

The Great Divine Director

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