stanza 4, sloka 6

6. Then the second seven, who are the Lipika, produced by the three. The rejected son is one. The “Son-suns” are countless.

“Mme. Blavatsky (cont.):  Then Simon named Nous and [   ] {Epinoia}, or spirit and thought, and many others; and Logismos and Fumesis {Enthumesis}, reasoning and reflection.

Now, Simon shows the relation you want to know by saying as follows:

“In each of the six primitive beings, the Infinite potency was in its totality, but it was there in potentiality only, not innate. It had to be established therein through an image, that of paradigm, in order that it should appear in all its essence, virtue, grandeur, and effects; for only then could it become like unto the parent potency, infinite and eternal. If on the contrary it was not conformed by or through the image, that potentiality could never become potency or pass into action but was lost for lack of use, as it happens to a man who, having an aptitude for grammar or geometry, does not exercise it; it gets lost for him just as if he never had it” (Philosophumena or Refutatio Omnium Haeresium – “The Refutation of all Heresies”)

Now, one of these, which he calls Nous, spirit, and the other are one, he says, and inseparable. The system is too long and too complicated to give it here. Suffice it to say that he shows that whether Aeons belong to the superior, middle or lower world, they are all one except in material density, which determines their outward manifestation and the results produced and the real essence which is from their mutual relations, which are established from eternity, as he says, by immutable laws.

The same, therefore, for the Lipika and the Second Seven or the Primordial Seven, whatever name we may give them for the sake of our own comprehension, which seems to necessitate a name or label in each case to enable us to recognize one from the other.

Now, this first, second, third or primordial seven or Lipika is all one; therefore, how can I tell you what relation they are in? When once they emanate from one plane onto another it will be just the same, the repetition – as it is above so it will be below. That is the only relation.

They are all simply differentiated in matter in density, but not in qualities. And the same qualities descend unto the last plane, which is our plane, and which shows man endowed just with the same potentiality, if he knows how to develop it as the highest Dhyan-Chohan.

I quote it just on the purpose to show you, because you can go and read it. In the British Museum you have the book, and there are many things which really will show to you that our doctrine is as old as can be. It is perfectly the occult doctrine in many things.

Of course, it changes its name and all kinds of things; but it gives a very good definition of the nature and essence of these Aeons only. For instance, he gives six of them, that is to say, six pairs of each – the seventh being that four which descends from one plane to another.”

Mr. A. Keightley: Then practically, the synthesis is on the plane.

Mme. Blavatsky: Yes, just that.”

H. P. Blavatsky

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