stanza 4, sloka 6

6. Then the second seven, who are the Lipika, produced by the three. The rejected son is one. The “Son-suns” are countless.

“Mr. A. Keightley:   Stanza 4, Sloka 6. “Then the Second Seven, who are the Lipika produced by the three (Word, Voice, and Spirit.)”
Question 1.  Can you explain to us the relation of the Lipika, the “Second Seven”, to the “Primordial Seven”, and to the first “Sacred Four”?

Mme. Blavatsky:  I think it is rather a difficult thing to do. I think that if I explain to you, who know very little of the Sanskrit books, that which you have access to – for instance, these various systems of the Gnostics that you can easily get in the British Museum – you would understand it better.

Now, I have taken from one something just to show you this difference, and make you understand it better. If you study the Gnostic system of the first centuries of Christianity, from that of Simon Magus (whose system included a series of divine emanations) down to the highest and noblest systems – the Valentinians (followers of Valentinus, 2nd century Gnostic teacher) – you will comprehend better the relation you want me to explain.

All these systems are derived from the East. That which we call the Primordial Seven and the Second Seven are called by Simon Magus, for instance, The Aeons. The Valentinians call them the Aeons, and many others, the primeval – the second and the third series of Syzygies (male-female pairs of Aeons, or divine emanations), I think it is – it is a Greek name.

They are graduated emanations ever descending lower and lower into matter from the primordial principle that is called fire. Simon Magus calls it fire and we call it Svabhavat, as behind that fire the manifested, the Silent Deity, stands with him as with us – that which is, was and ever will be.

Therefore, take this fire, as he calls it, and that will be the root from which all these various powers and hierarchies descend. Therefore, since his doctrine is almost one with our cosmogony (and that you don’t seem to see to this day, the philosophy or process of emanation), permit me to quote to you the words of Simon Magus, as quoted from his work by the author of Philosophumena.

He says:   “From the permanent stability and personified immutability, fire and this manifested principle, which immutability does not preclude activity, as the second form is endowed with intelligence and reason, who are (Mahat), it (The Fire) passed from potentiality of action to action itself.


From those series of evolutions were formed six beings, or the emanations from the infinite potency they were formed in Syzygies. That is to say, they are radiated out of the flame two by two, one being the active and the other the passive principle.””

H. P. Blavatsky

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