understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Dear Hearts, I rejoice so exceedingly and have since the beginning of the Shrine Class, to see the advancement and the Expansion of your Light; the Great Freedom and Confidence which is coming into action within you; and the many things so many of you are doing, which give you Great Happiness in the Acknowledgement of your Presence. The blessed young people! Oh, what worlds of Happiness and Blessing they can have.

Do not forget your Chart, Dear Hearts, for one single day! I plead with you, don’t sleep at night, until you have given a few moments Acknowledgement of your Chart. Speak to It and the “I AM Presence” above you! saint germain God presence chart

Don’t be afraid of getting too familiar with your Presence; and don’t feel you have to bow and scrape before It. Just with Fullness of Joy, acknowledge and say:

“Beloved ‘Mighty I AM Presence’ here ‘I AM’ – a Projection of Thyself! Glorify Thyself in me, in the Projection of Thy Wondrous Perfection and Mighty Directing Intelligence! Cause this body to glow with Thy Perfect Health and Strength.”

Please FEEL THIS, as I am describing it!

“Cause this mind and body to glow with the Fullness of Thy Health and Energy; with Thy Light Substance called forth from the Love Star, which cannot be requalified by human feeling. Charge me, my mind, body and world, with the Fullness of Thy Light Substance; and cause the Intelligence which Thou art, Oh ‘Mighty I AM Presence’, to sweep into action in my world; and produce Thy Perfection and hold Thy Dominion there.””

The Great Divine Director

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