understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“This is Their “I AM” Activity and Their Power of Light which sets mankind Free. Humanity cannot survive on this Earth without Them and Their Help; for They have held the Power of Light throughout the ages, when mankind’s destruction of each other would have destroyed even the Planet and also the activities of nature upon it.

To our Beloved Ascended Master Saint Germain, be Eternal, Limitless Love and Gratitude, for giving mankind the Light within the Books of the Saint Germain Series, and showing the individual how to use the Law of Life to attain Perfection.

May every human being on Earth know who Beloved Saint Germain really is, what He has done for the Freedom of mankind, and how great His Love pours out constantly for the Freedom and Perfection of all!

Beloved Saint Germain is the Law of Freedom to this Earth. He is the Law of the Violet Ray to this Earth!

He is the Power and Understanding which mankind must have of each one’s Individualized God Presence – the “Mighty I AM”, in order to complete the Victory of the Light which Beloved Jesus came to reveal to the people of this World.

Humanity has had almost two thousand years to really obey Beloved Jesus’ Commands:   “Be ye Perfect!” “Now are ye the Sons of God!” “The Things I do, all men shall do, and Greater Things shall ye do!” “Death is the last enemy to be overcome!”

Mankind has not understood nor obeyed Beloved Jesus, or people would be more like Him. Beloved Saint Germain loves Him more than any unascended being can understand, and has brought forth in this Ascended Master Instruction of the “I AM”, the practical application of the Great Creative Word, “I AM”, and worship of God, which will set all Free who are sincere and apply It.

The Ascended Masters’ Understanding and Application of the Great Creative Word of God, and the constructive use of all Life gives us in this World, is the Truest Worship of God man can give, and is the completion of the Work Beloved Jesus began during His Life on Earth!

Beloved Saint Germain guards America’s “Cup of Light” to the Earth, which must be maintained, because there is not enough Light in the rest of the World at this time to hold the balance against war’s destruction.”

Lotus Ray King

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