understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“The Great Divine Director, whose Mighty Ascended Master Instruction of the “I AM” is contained in these Discourses, was Beloved Saint Germain’s Master, and together with Beloved Jesus, assisted Him into the Ascension.

He is the Great Cosmic Being who is the Authority of the Cosmic Law to this Earth, which means the Law and Activity of Life and Light in this World, in regard to holding the balance of Constructive Activities for the whole System of Planets to which this Earth belongs.

That is why His Light to America is so important at this time. He is called the Great Divine Director, because for more than two hundred thousand years He has been directing Cosmic Light Rays to keep mankind from destroying itself and nature’s blessings to this Earth completely!

He is a most Majestic Being of such Power, Glory, and Love as no words can describe; and through His Marvelous Discourses may there go forth all the Light America and her people require to stop all destructive forces on this Earth forever.

Our all we give unto this Great Being of Light who has loved us so greatly that He left His Cosmic Activities to keep the people of Earth from total destruction.

To our Beloved Ascended Messenger we also offer our Eternal Love, our Gratitude, our all; for He was the only One on Earth who was strong enough to open the Door to the Ascended Masters’ Octave of Light, and hold guard over Beloved Saint Germain’s Ascended Master Instruction of the “I AM”, until enough people could take hold of It and do their part, to hold the Protection of Light in America, until the Ascended Masters come through in Their Visible, Tangible Ascended Master Bodies to all!

This Glorious Ascended Master Instruction of the “I AM” is brought forth for the Protection of America’s Freedom, for the True Worship of God, in the interest of the Public Good, and to bless all constructive activities of Life forever!

It is the True Education of Life and the Spiritual Culture of the people for the whole World, for every one in the World can make the Ascension by applying the Ascended Masters’ Instruction of the “I AM” which these Great Beings of Light and Perfection have given.”

Lotus Ray King

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