understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“In offering a Tribute of Love and Gratitude to the Great Ascended Masters and Cosmic Beings who have brought forth this Ascended Master Instruction of the “I AM”, we give all we are and have, or ever hope to be or have, into Their Service of the Light forever!

The Privilege of carrying Their Light to mankind is the Greatest Privilege that can ever come to any human being in this World, and never in all Eternity could we give back to Them, a full balance for all They have given us; because there is no balance for Eternal Freedom, since It is the Great Mastery of Life and the Limitless Power and Perfection of all Light.

To know these Great Ascended Masters and Comic Beings as we do, in Their Visible, Tangible, Living, Breathing Ascended Master Bodies, is worth all the struggle and suffering of all lives we have ever lived on this Earth.

They are wholly Divine, absolutely Limitless, Free Beings, and to have the Privilege of Their Visits, Instruction and Direction, is the Greatest Joy that can come to anyone in this World, outside of his or her own Ascension.

The time is not far distant when once again, as in the former Golden Ages, They will move among mankind, known, loved and obeyed by all humanity, because of the Help which They must release to this World, if it is to survive and fulfill Life’s Plan for its Perfection.

Perfection is the Goal of every person, place, condition and thing in this Universe; and the Ascended Masters are the more advanced Part of Life, in the Raising, Perfecting Activity for this World and all mankind.

To know of these Ascended Masters, send your love to Them, and give Them your attention, means to draw back Their Great Love, Help and Blessings into yourself and your world.

To know Them is to love Them. To associate with Them is to serve Them and cooperate with Them! To see Them is to obey Them in Eternal, Loving Gratitude. To call to Them is to draw Their Assistance to help consume all human limitations.

To be in Their Blessed Presence fills any sincere, constructive individual with just one overwhelming impulse; and that is to be all They are, and help others to become like Them also.

To the “Mighty I AM Presence”, the Great Host of Ascended Masters, and Great Cosmic Beings, belongs all Credit, all Power, all Glory, all Praise for the success of this Mighty Ascended Master Instruction of the “I AM”!”

Lotus Ray King

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