understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Tonight as the Blessed Ones are pouring forth Their Mighty Radiance to you, join Me, oh, Beloved Ones, in the full acceptance of Their Eternal Freedom and All-powerful Activity within you, your world, and your activity. As you do that, you have no idea how powerfully It will act.

You are the decreer of your world. You are either receptive or repulsive to the Perfection of this Great Energy. If you are discordant, you are repulsive; if you are harmonious, you are receptive to the Great Powers of your “Presence”.

Then Its Powers go forth unchallenged, unqualified, and carry Its Perfection into your world where nothing unlike Itself can possibly exist.

You know the old saying that two Hearts beat as one? Tonight, there are many Hearts beating as one. We are all beating as one Heart in this room.

Oh, Precious Ones, it is the most magnificent thing on the face of the Earth to find those so loyal to the Light, whose attention is so wonderful that it beats as one Heart – the Heart of the “Mighty I AM Presence”; The Heart of Divine Order and Perfection.

Oh, I rejoice with you so tremendously, as do the Others present, that you have become able to still yourselves enough to allow this Great Work to be done – this Great Assistance to be given to you.”

Beloved Pearl

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