understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Many times We four Children just burst into a Song of Praise for the Light which is coming into humanity. We look at Our Blessed Saint Germain sometimes almost in awe at the Majesty and Power of His Achievement for mankind. Then He turns and looks at Us and, with that curious twinkle in the Eye, says, “Children, stop that nonsense!”

It is very wonderful to enter into such Happiness which is Ours. You can, no question about it! Remember, We are standing by until your Achievement, until your Victory, provided you do not chase Us off.

Oh, We know so well what mankind goes through in the experience of human creation. Today We stand wholly free from it and the two worlds meet – the human and the Divine.

May I ask you again tonight, how many of you precious, earnest Students have thought where and what that dividing line is? The Messenger, I think, has intimated it to you several times.

Do you know that dividing line is your Higher Mental Body? There is where the human ceases and you become Free. Feel, just for a few moments, the full Power of your “Presence” acting through your Higher Mental Body. It knows your every requirement.

Then just feel – decree – silence while I assist you, that now your complete Victory and Freedom is forever sustained – remembering always that your determination is the outer activity of the Inner Will of the “Mighty I AM Presence”. Then your determination becomes the dominant Power of your “Presence” to fill your world with Its Perfection.

So as you accept this into your feeling world, We decree that it goes into Action Invincible to produce those results for you.

Now remember, the Life, the Intelligence, which enables you to accept this fully is from your “Presence”. Do you not see, as you come to more fully understand it, that all activity is from your “Presence”?  If left in Its Complete Freedom, It would produce quickly the full Perfection which It is.

Now call your “Presence” to take full command! Refuse, Precious Ones, any longer to allow any outer appearance to make you feel discordant! Refuse to listen to any discordant gossip of any kind – because that is the thing, if you listen to it, which in a moment finds entrance in your world and begins to whirl and disturb you.

This is why the Messengers and We keep pouring into you this Mighty Truth of the Law which, if entered into, will produce your freedom from destruction.

Of course, We never feel disappointed. Yet We want so much to give Assistance – for instance, for someone’s voice or for their health. But if that one allows the human to rush in or cause him to feel a lack of energy and strength, well, We just try to redouble the Radiance so as to dissolve the acceptance of the appearance of lack, energy, strength, or help.

What you can do, Precious Ones, is to stand firm, and with determination refuse acceptance of anything you do not want.”

Beloved Pearl

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