understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“With Ourselves and the condition which the Great Law provided, We were so quickly freed from, not only the contact, but the disturbances of the outer world. Then with Saint Germain, We saw how the great, great Harmony in Our Home had meant so much to Our progress.

Our Home was Our world, Precious Ones! Your home is just your world! It is not a building in which you may be dwelling, but your home is really your world!
When you have come to acknowledge your “Presence”, you have entered into your Real Home. As you steadily and surely give attention to your “Presence”, It purifies, beautifies, and perfects your home, which is your feeling world.

Then outer manifestation of every description must come into the Harmony which is within your feeling world. Do you not see that no great harm could come into your world if your own feeling world were cleansed and purified?

Beloved Ones, whenever you call the Power of the “Presence” forth into action, be sure that you have harmonized yourself first! Call on the Law of Forgiveness for any mistakes, and place yourself in the proper position for the Energy from your “Presence” to come forth untouched by your power of qualification, to render you the Perfect Service for which you are asking.

Do you not see, Beloved Ones, that if you call your “Presence” forth with dynamic energy today for a given purpose, and tomorrow you become violently angry or critical of a person, place, condition, or thing, the energy which you have already called forth is compelled to take on the quality with which you charged it?

I cannot see how anyone can fail to understand this simple Law. Anyone can, with the Determination of his “Mighty I AM Presence”, allow the “Presence” to hold Its Dominion in his world, through himself.”

Beloved Pearl

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