understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“When Beloved Bob was brought by Saint Germain to the Cave of Symbols and His first experience began, it was the most beautiful thing, Precious Ones, that anyone ever witnessed. The eagerness, the joy, yet without impatience, with which He entered into the Instruction Saint Germain offered – and His speed of Attainment has exceeded anything any of Us has accomplished, because of His great joyous acceptance of everything which Saint Germain asked Him to do.

So it is with you today. Just maintain the great humbleness in the human, kindliness, gentleness, and yet firmness when it is necessary in meeting human creations. You must not forget that.

When you are meeting destructive forces, you must be dynamic and firm! Otherwise it will sweep you under! It is a dominating force; but when you understand your “Presence” and then are firm in refusing to give power to appearances of any kind, then in Its Great Calmness you release from your “Presence”, at your Call, abundance of all you require to govern you and your world and give you the Infinite Protection of your “Presence”.

We have endeavored to convey to you the Truth from various angles, and show you that you do have Real Dominion; for you have Invincible Protection in the Tube of Light about you from your “Presence”.

It is only when you give power and attention to something outside of your “Presence” or listen to foolish gossip, that you open – shall we call it – a tiny crack in the door of your world.

If that is kept up, the door is pushed open more and more, until finally there comes a great rush of destructive force into your world, and an accident, an operation, or something of that kind occurs.

Precious Ones, oh, that you might understand tonight your Great “Presence” in Its Fullness, and that discord in the feeling is the cause of everything which besets your human form – either disease so-called or that which requires, as mankind thinks today, something to be removed from your body to give you freedom.

Because of the belief of mankind, it does sometimes seem to be necessary; but when you think of it in comparison with your “Presence”, well it is not really necessary, is it?

When you know your “Presence” enough, Precious Ones, you will never need any outside assistance of any kind. Neither will you require the surgeon’s knife to remove some part of you which seems to be obstructing the way.

Oh, it is so wonderful! Yet do not misunderstand Me. For those of mankind who know not this Great Truth, assistance is required of nearly all which the doctors or surgeons can give – except serums.”

Beloved Pearl

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