understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Today in the great Expansion of this Light, Beloved Ones, you are the most fortunate of beings, for I repeat to you again:  the Expansion of the Light within your Heart and your world is the infinite, positive proof of your achievement during these many months since the Messengers have come to you.

Do you think you love Them? So do We! Remember how Nada, Rex, Bob, Mr. Rayborn, and Myself love them. Can you imagine Our Gratitude for this Blessed One’s coming into Our midst and opening the Door for Saint Germain to come and render the Service He did for Us? Can you? You do feel, I know you do, how greatly We love him and his precious ones, Don and Marjory, and carry them away with Us.

There are others of the young folks for whom We would love to do that too. If they will give the full power of their attention in joyous, harmonious determination to the Great Source of Life, their “Mighty I AM Presence”, who knows how quickly that might be.

Oh, We would so love to just take away from you – instantly – everything within your feeling or mental world which longer deprives you of the Great Perfection which your “Presence” is and holds for you.

It is everything! There is not anything else! These things in the outer world to which you have given such power, and thought were so necessary, are sometimes but a barrier to your Great Freedom.

Not that everything in the outer world which is of use should not be all beautiful and wonderful; but it is according to the way you qualify it, is it not?

You see, your qualification is operating all the time. If you requalify the Energy from the “Presence” with something which harms you, then you are at fault, are you not?

This is why We keep bringing you back again, again, and again to these simple Fundamentals which, once you grasp them, will send you forth like a rocket into your Complete Freedom.”

Beloved Pearl

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