understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“The Victory of the ages is here, Beloved Students of the Light, with no uncertainty! The Glory of the Light expanding from the beloved Students of the “I AM” throughout America is beautiful, transcendent, and the most encouraging thing which mankind could witness.

It has been Our Privilege since the Dictations began before your recent Class, to go to various parts of America and observe that which was going on from the entire activity among the Students of the Light throughout your country.

It has been most gratifying, most encouraging, and even the Divine Director said, “It is beautiful to behold!” So you may know when a Great Being of His Authority speaks those Words of Encouragement, it is far more than My Words convey to you.

For your encouragement and strength, I wish to say that Saint Germain came to me in our great need in San Francisco, where I lived with an aunt and where Bob and I had been very happy. Then Bob went forth, and I thought I was left quite alone.

One day, Saint Germain came, when My Heart was reaching out so earnestly for love and happiness, because My dear old precious aunt did not know how to give out love and kindness. She did what she thought was right; but you who have so great a Love poured out to you and are people who release so great a love yourselves, can hardly imagine the condition that existed just at that time.

However, in My great Call to God, one night I suddenly awakened. I was just a little girl, and there My room was filled with a soft Golden Light. In the concentrated part of the Light, I saw this Radiant Presence and lo, It was Saint Germain.

The curious thing about it was, I was not frightened. I just felt within me that it was the Answer to My Call, and surely it was. Then He said:

“Child, you shall grieve no more, and you shall have the outpouring of the love that your Heart craves, from the most unexpected Source. You are not to speak of My visit to you to any living person! This will be a secret between just us. I will train you, instruct you in Laws, the Understanding of Laws that you do not imagine as yet exist. As you gain in this Understanding, you will find your being filled with love and happiness, and then a great sense of freedom. I will come at regular intervals and teach you.”

Just at that time I was not attending the public schools, and He said, “Now do not be disturbed about that”,  for I wanted so much to go to school. He explained, “I will take care of all that.”  Then He would send – I wonder if you will quite understand this, yet I feel I must tell you.

The Messengers have told you how the Ascended Masters may project a Form of Themselves. When Saint Germain could not be present Himself, He projected this Form of Himself, through which He taught Me many, many wonderful things.”

Beloved Pearl

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