understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Then one day he came Himself, after Bob had become associated with Mr. Rayborn. With that peculiar twinkle in His Eye, He said, “Don’t you think you should go and visit your brother?”  I said, “I should love to very much, but I have not the means to go.”  “Well”, He said, “I think We can take care of that.”

So I awakened one morning a short time after and there on My table was money to defray My expenses. In the exuberance of My Joy, I was about to rush forward and tell My aunt, when all of a sudden I stopped right in the floor. Then I remembered that our contract was one of secrecy. So I stopped to consider. Then I knew, through My feelings, I was not to let her know.

So I went forth to visit Bob, as I thought, and to My utter amazement found others who knew Saint Germain. Can you feel the happiness which filled My being through that Experience? Words could not convey it.

Then came the great revelation that Nada’s mother had been trained by Him, during all the years He had been training Me. I found She had made the Ascension.

The day came when it seemed to Me My Joy had reached its limit. I went with Rex, Nada, and this Good Brother to Table Mountain. I felt impelled to go away a short distance by Myself, and there before me was this Great Majestic Being, the God Tabor.  As he talked to Me, I realized – just through a mighty flash of feeling – that We were all being directed by a Mighty Intelligence clothed in a Dazzling Form of Light.

I want to tell you, Precious Ones, that Cyclopea, Arcturus, the God Meru, the God Tabor, and the God Himalaya are Beings who, the first time one sees Them, seem almost terrifying in Their Majesty, Their Beauty, the Intensity of Their Light, and the Perfection which They are – yet with all that Great and Wondrous Power, as gentle as a mother with her child whom she loves more than anything in the World.

When it is necessary, like a flash of lightning Their Limitless Power can be released, which is to perform a given Service.

Tonight, I will try to convey to you, into your feelings, the enormous Service which They render mankind constantly and have throughout the centuries, although mankind until now has known almost nothing at all about It.”

Beloved Pearl

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