understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Dear Hearts, you have all had these experiences. I question if there is anyone in the room who has not had this experience:  You go into the streetcar and sit down next to someone whose atmosphere is charged with unkind or vicious feeling, and you have to battle that repellent radiation. Most of the time you do not pay attention to it, but it begins to act in your feeling world.

Then after it gains a momentum, you cannot get control of yourself because of the outer accumulated pressure which rides in. If the first moment such a condition begins to act in your world, you seize it and stop it, it does not gain a momentum.

The same way with appearances:  If you would instantly say to any discordant or limiting appearance, “Oh no, you have no power!” you would stop the whole activity and keep it from entering into your world to affect you. As you gain a momentum, you will find such things will give you one look and go in the other direction.

You have no idea, Precious Ones, how these limiting destructive forces, in the control of this energy, know their Master. Just the minute they see you know what is acting, they will cease to bother you. I tell you these old discordant things holds sway only because previously you have not understood how to be alert.

These feelings begin to act and revolve in your feeling world before you actually know what is occurring. Then many times people have a battle on. It would not be a battle at all if they really knew, in the Knowledge of the “Presence”, how to charge the mind and body, how to call the Energy to sweep out all discord – then replace it with the Ascended Masters’ Substance and Self-dominion.

Precious Ones, My Joy is boundless in having this opportunity to convey My Feeling and My Words into your world. When I say “My Strength”, I mean the Strength of My “Mighty I AM Presence” to assist you with Its Knowledge and Strength, until you hold your own Scepter of Dominion in your hand so firmly that no longer can anything disturb or bother you.”

Beloved Nada

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