understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“You know, so much has been given us by Our Great and Blessed Saint Germain! If you could see how He has poured out this Light like a mighty river, ever since the Messengers started out and came to you, your Heart would rejoice. It has just poured like a river, and I do not wonder that you do not hold clearly before you some of the simpler things which are acting in your world every day.

You have come to the point now where you must become cognizant of the simple things which you thought possibly were not of importance, but it is the little things achieved that make the Great Victory.

Notice! When you take your firm stand in the Purity, Beauty, and Perfection of your “Mighty I AM Presence”, the whole Power of the Universe rushes to your assistance.


When you contact things in the outer world, watch out that you hold control over your feelings. You can love just as greatly in calm poise as in emotional excess or excitement. You do not have to let your human enter in and take you beyond the point of Self-control in your outer activity. By Self-control is how mankind can enter so quickly into the great Victory today.

It is such a great Joy, Precious Ones, to talk to you, to endeavor to help you feel clearly, firmly, definitely your Victory – for It is as sure as Ours if you will only take your firm stand with this. You are coming rapidly to the point where things that you are not aware of, no longer act in your feeling world.

Now notice that!

Heretofore, many times feeling acted within your world, of which you were not aware until you saw the outer manifestation of it. Very shortly there will be no excuse for that, because the moment a feeling starts you will be aware of what is acting.

Please accept this and see how marvelous it is! Then you will not be caught unawares by a feeling projected at you – immoral or destructive activities of any kind which still remain in the charged atmosphere of Earth will not be able to reach you.”

Beloved Nada

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