understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“I leave with you the Great Love, Light, and Blessing of Bob, Pearl, Rex, the Great Host of Ascended Masters, and the Great Master whose Name is not yet given to the outer world – the Teacher, the Instructor in the use of the Great Light Rays in the Retreat in Arabia.

He said to Us recently in certain Instruction He was giving:  “My Children, when I had looked upon the failure of mankind through so many centuries, I could hardly have believed that so much was possible for the Children of Earth as has been accomplished in two years.”

So, Beloved Ones, you can see as these Great Ones do who have gone through so many centuries observing mankind’s inability to attain their Freedom; then when you see humanity’s great Inner Ability coming forth into action, it is very wonderful indeed.

The Infinite Light and Blessings of your “Mighty I AM Presence”, the Great Host of Ascended Masters, and the Fullness of Their Active Presence and Power within you, take full Command of your mind, body, world, your Heart, and especially your feeling world!  Release such a Mighty Radiance that you clearly and definitely feel your Certain Victory – NOW!


Will you not accept It and be free?

Our Love enfolds you forever in Its Transcendent Light and Strength to your Complete Victory.

I thank you!”

Beloved Nada

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