understanding the “i am…that is you…

“Bob, Rex, Pearl, and Myself, so often since We arrived in Arabia, have discussed this so many, many times. Hardly do We enter into a discussion until this point is brought forth:   Our Great Gratitude to Our Beloved Saint Germain for having taught Us in the beginning that the Great Law does not permit the waste of this great Energy which flows through from the “Presence”. We accepted that. We lived in obedience to the Law.

Do not – through anger, sex, or any other condition – waste your energy! Saint Germain’s explanation to Us was Law, and We lived and abided in It. Therefore We entered very quickly into the Great Perfection which the “Presence” is, and which everyone can have.

Let Me remind you again today, Precious Ones, that all mankind has made mistakes; and the great Understanding of calling on the Law of Forgiveness is a most wonderful, wonderful thing.

You do not realize the full importance of it, as We see this Activity. We have watched certain individuals who were very intense in calling on the Law of Forgiveness for any mistakes which have ever been made. You do not have to know what they are; but as We see the effect on their calling in their feeling world – well, it is just stupendous!

I want you to know the action of these various things which are within your use. It is so easily done! You can have, oh, the great, great Victory Quickly!”

Beloved Nada

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