understanding the “i am…that is you…

“Think of it! All through the centuries mankind has looked upon Jesus as a Special Being, and thought, “Well, no one else can attain the Ascension because He was a Special Being.”


Yet He said in His own Words, “All these things shall ye do and greater things shall ye do.”

Yet mankind has clothed Him with a condition which they felt it was never possible to reach. That was the great, great mistake of humanity. He spoke the Truth to the whole living world; and all things that He did, mankind shall do!

They have to do the same!

The Great Cosmic Light today comes into the Earth and compels you now, whether you will or not, to understand this. The Cosmic Light compels the Expansion of your own Light and you become more sensitive.

Do not begin to feel that you are imposed upon – you have to be! Accept the sensitiveness to It, for you have the Power of the “Presence” in Self-control. Then you will govern any sensitiveness, and it will be a Blessing untold to you.

If you give way, through your power of qualification, and say you are becoming so sensitive you cannot move in the outer world, then you are undoing all the Perfection which can come to you and is there for you.

You see all these things are so practical. Yet through human qualification, individuals often undo the things that they might otherwise accomplish.

You are master of your attention, your power of qualification, and your vision. You may look upon two automobiles which come together on the road. You can look upon such an activity without accepting it into your world.

Take your firm stand on all such things in your cities where you often see those occurrences. Issue the decree:   “‘Mighty I AM Presence’! Stand guard over my feeling world! Enable me to look upon things without accepting their discord into my feeling world.”   This is what you can do.

That is what this Good Brother does, and is the reason why all the silly, untruthful reports made about him do not touch him. They cannot affect him; but Heaven help the person who does it, because it has to go back to the individual who sends it out.

So it is with you.

There cannot a thing enter your world unless you accept it. We want to fix this in your consciousness forever.”

Beloved Nada

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