stanza 4, slokas 1-5

1. . . . Listen, ye Sons of the Earth, to your instructors—the Sons of the Fire. Learn, there is neither first nor last, for all is one : number issued from no number.
2. Learn what we who descend from the Primordial Seven, we who are born from the Primordial Flame, have learnt from our fathers. . . .
3. From the effulgency of light—the ray of the ever-darkness—sprung in space the re-awakened energies ; the one from the egg, the six, and the five. Then the three, the one, the four, the one, the five—the twice seven the sum total. And these are the essences, the flames, the elements, the builders, the numbers, the arupa, the rupa, and the force of Divine Man—the sum total. And from the Divine Man emanated the forms, the sparks, the sacred animals, and the messengers of the sacred fathers within the holy four.
4. This was the army of the voice—the divine mother of the seven. The sparks of the seven are subject to, and the servants of, the first, the second, the third, the fourth, the fifth, the sixth, and the seventh of the seven. These “sparks” are called spheres, triangles, cubes, lines, and modellers; for thus stands the Eternal Nidana—the Oeaohoo, which is:
5. “Darkness” the boundless, or the no-number, Adi-Nidana Svâbhâvat:—
I. The Adi-Sanat, the number, for he is one.
II. The voice of the Lord Svâbhâvat, the numbers, for he is one and nine.
III. The “ formless square.”And these three enclosed within the are the sacred four; and the ten are the arupa universe. Then come the “ sons,” the seven fighters, the one, the eighth left out, and his breath which is the light-maker.


“Mr. A. Keightley:  Then the “Sons of the Fire” are these divine instructors?

Mme. Blavatsky:  In this sense they are. They are king’s instructors – those divine dynasties that the Chaldeans and the Egyptians and the Hindus have thus taken; even to the Greeks they are divine dynasties.

Mr. A. Keightley:  Then so far as human beings are concerned, the “Sons of Fire” are the highest incarnated on earth, as the “sons of the fire mists” are the highest in the celestial sphere.

Mme. Blavatsky:  Yes, but they are also the “Sons of the fire mists”, as the Hierophants were called in the days of old.

Mr. A. Keightley:  Are not they and the “divine dynasties” almost identical? That is to say, they must have been in connection; they were king initiates.

Mme. Blavatsky:  Yes, and they were moreover [   ], all of them; they were incarnations. So the occult doctrine teaches of those celestial hierarchies who came and incarnated in man, that they were the highest of those.

You see the most puzzling thing before an audience that has been brought up in the belief that for every baby that is born there is a soul, immediately produced by God, and this is a thing which is extremely puzzling:  nobody seems to take in that philosophical idea that nothing can come out of nothing, not even the breath of God, at least not of an anthropomorphic God.

Of a deity, of course, I understand, because everything is breath, divine essence; but I mean this God that comes and breathes over a child that is born, even a child of sin, that is a thing which is most puzzling.

Mr. A. Keightley:  I think the great difficulty in that case is to realize that the underlying soul is one, as distinct from the separated bodies.

Mme. Blavatsky:  How is it distinguished? It cannot be distinguished {from} that underlying soul, because it permeates every atom of the human body, and everything in the universe.

There is not an atom of mud that is not permeated by the divine soul. If it were otherwise, it would not be infinite, you must have it infinite, you must have it infinite or you cannot admit the other thing.”

H. P. Blavatsky

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