understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“We try repeatedly to bring to your attention certain things and show you definitely how you can right now begin to govern your world. Refuse to give attention to appearances which have disturbed you, and give all your attention to your “Presence”.

Now do you not see how that which is known as doubt and fear could not affect you or your world unless you feed your energy into it? That is your qualification.

Your Life goes out and becomes charged with fear to come back and disturb you; or it goes out and is charged with doubt, which comes back and causes you to doubt.

Do you not see how – right now – you are master of your world and the governing activity which controls those qualities and prevents them any longer entering into your Life or world?

It is the most practical thing anyone could conceive, and it is within the use of any person who will apply it, but you must be alert.

You cannot, Dear Ones, just let your feelings run riot. You must call the “Presence” into action and refuse any longer to give attention to things out here. Wherever your Life flows, it not only gives action, but must bring back its effect upon you sooner or later.

Tonight, in the fullest Power of the Ascended Host, I ask Them to anchor within your feeling world the full Power of every Word that has been spoken here, to make this practical; to give you the full consciousness of your ability to control, through the power of your attention, all of these activities which have taken your Life energy or given it a power to disturb or limit you.

That no longer has any power!

“Mighty I AM Presence!” I issue that Decree for these beloved ones tonight. Stand guard over their attention! Hold their attention in control, conscious control, that they no longer feed their Life into any limiting, discordant, destructive activity to come back and touch their world!

Stand guard, “Mighty I AM Presence”, over the attention of each one and hold it upon Thee! See that it is always held upon Thee and Thy Perfection! Supply their worlds with everything that they require – and in abundance!

The “Presence” is not limited, and in the Light which beats your Heart – which is Self-luminous, Intelligent Substance – is all that you require.”

Beloved Rex

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