understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Old habit, Dear Ones, is a thing that has to be conquered. You can quickly reverse all those habits which have taken your energy, if you will.

Remember, when you call your “Presence” into action to reverse these activities, the “Presence” will do it; but you must do your part in refusing to give your attention and Life, through your attention, into these things.

Do you not see how absolutely logical and practical it is? It gives you such freedom in your feeling world.

Bob, Pearl, and Nada are present with Me, and are pouring out Their Great Love upon you. They have been, all the time I have been talking.

You know, I am very happy to say that My sister, Nada, has taken on many of the Qualities of the Beloved Lady Master Nada, whose picture is in the Magazine. She made her Ascension some 2,700 years ago. In Our Association with Them, it is amazing how quickly one takes on those Qualities.

As you learn to hold yourself free from discordant appearances, then They can more quickly pour into your world that which makes you like Them.

There is one more point I want to leave with you tonight, Beloved Ones:  In your attention to the Ascended Masters, who have gone every step of the way that you must go – and your attention has been given so marvelously – They can fill you and your world with the Quality which They are.

In this way My sister Nada, has taken on from the Lady Master Nada, the Qualities which she has caused to become so powerful in Her World.

First, give your Acknowledgment to the “Presence”. Then if you need courage and strength that you do not seem quite able to call forth, turn your attention to Saint Germain, Jesus, Nada, the Divine Director, or some of the other Ascended Ones – Cha Ara, Chananda, or some of those Blessed Ones.

They will come back to you, because Their Attention is again upon the Consciousness of that which accomplishes Perfection. Therefore, It must flow into your world to do for you whatever you require.

Do you not see how perfectly practical all of that is? There is not anything impractical about any of It.”

Beloved Rex

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