understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Today you have entered into the Activity of the Mighty Cosmic Light- or rather yesterday – and you have Assistance heretofore unknown. Will you not accept it?

In this humble, simple Explanation I have given tonight, will you not remember it and remind yourselves often that your attention must be to your “Presence”?

Every time it tries to go to something outside, say:

“Stop! I will have no more of that. You obey the Law of your ‘Presence’ – put your attention there! Then my world will have the Power, the Perfection which my ‘Presence’ is. I refuse any longer to give my attention to anything else! Therefore, there is nothing can longer enter into my world but that Perfection which is the ‘Presence’!”

Out of the Eternal Light and Thy Glory, oh, “Mighty I AM Presence”, We accept tonight the fullness of Thy Active Presence, Thy Eternal Guard about each one – that there attention may be held firmly upon Thee with absolute refusal to let it act anywhere else.

Therefore, It releases over all of them a constant Stream of Thy Almighty Energy, bringing Perfection, Happiness, Health, and everything good into the world of each one, forever sustained.

I thank You.”

Beloved Rex

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