understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Beloved Ones of California, it is My Great Joy to speak a few Words to you from My Heart and to remind you that not so many years ago I visited your city with My father. Does it seem incredible to you that so much could have taken place in such a few years?

Think, since this Beloved Brother came into Our home in Wyoming, the Heavens have opened and We have entered into Our Real Home in Its fullness!

We thought Our mother had passed on, like most people are supposed to do. Yet after this Good Brother’s entrance in Our home, We too discovered she had been Free all those years. We sometimes thought that she was possibly in the tomb where her body was placed.

Then Beloved Saint Germain came to My father, explained all, and began the Instruction which so quickly set him free from the human world and activity.

Beloved Ones, feel with Me tonight, oh, how Real, how very Real is this Mighty “Presence” which beats your Hearts. In your sincere, firm determination, holding your attention upon the “Presence”, everything can and will dissolve and disappear from you and your world which has held you bound in any way.

The “Presence” is doing it now, oh, Precious Ones! It is doing it with great speed.

We are so grateful that you have established a Reading Room in your city. It has been made a Mighty Focus of Light. Give your full support to it. Beloved Ones, in your Call to your “Presence”, never miss one day calling your “Presence” into Action to bless that Reading Room.

Pour forth Its All-expanding Power and Light, which the Great Ones have drawn there tonight. Let it be an ever-expanding Activity to spread the Radiance of the “Presence” in and through your city, to touch hundreds of those whose Light has expanded sufficiently for them to accept this Understanding of the “Mighty I AM Presence” and have the Blessing which It brings.

You will notice, Beloved Ones, that there is not a single part of this Understanding which Saint Germain has brought forth that interferes with anything in the World.

It is just the Glorious Acknowledgment of the Source of your Life, of all lives. It is all Power acting in your world taking command, holding Its Dominion, producing Its Perfection there, forever sustained; and in your power of qualification, Beloved Ones, assert this.

Oh, that I might cause you to feel now the power which is within you to assert It! Assert this Dominion of your “Presence”! Feel It deeply, until no longer a single human thing touches your world to cause you to waver for an instant.”

Beloved Rex

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