understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“You know, under the Radiance of Saint Germain We entered so quickly into the Glorious Radiance of Our “Presence” that We really had not time for anything else to come. It is really very wonderful. Even today, We continue to marvel at the speed with which Our Freedom came to Us, after this Blessed Brother came into Our home.

He is in your home. Do you realize that? In your home – for your home is your world, and your world surrounds you! Do you realize that, Dear Ones? The greatest home in the World is the home that surrounds you, because that is the only home you can live in.

You may live in buildings, but that is not always your home, even though you may own it from the human standpoint. Unless the Glory and Harmony in the Understanding of your “Presence” is there, is it home? Tell Me! Is it home, unless there is the Harmony of the “Presence” within it?

Therefore, I call your attention to this tonight to remind you that your home is your world which surrounds your human form, the only world in which you can ever live.

If you realize this and then, in the Acknowledgment of your “Presence”, fill your world with the blazing, dazzling Light of the “Presence”, then do you not see, if you are in a physical home – a building – the Radiance from your “Presence” will fill that home because It knows no obstruction or interference?

If you will think of your home in that way, I am sure you will find enormous blessing and benefit.”

Beloved Rex

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