understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“How privileged you are to be a part of the great vanguard which is enabling this to be done. Oh, Precious Ones, do you in your outer activity sometimes feel humble because of your lack of something? Then I say to you:

Arise! Awaken! Stand forth in the Light of your “Mighty I AM Presence”, and allow Its Power to take out of you that feeling!  Feel your authority and power in the acceptance of your “Presence” to let this Light flow forth to bless, heal, prosper, and enlighten all with whom you come in contact, and flood the Earth with Its Purity and Perfection.

Mankind being the creator of all that has limited the Earth and yourself, then in that great Call shall come the release. Even the Earth shall find itself again rejoicing in the Glory of this Freedom, as well as yourselves.

Today will you not rejoice with Me, with all of Us? Enter again into great calm serenity in the sending forth of your Decrees, individually and in your Groups, that the Perfect Mighty Work of the “Presence” may go forth filling the Earth with Its Beauty and Perfection.

I rejoice with you with all My Heart that there are so many of mankind today whose Light has expanded enough to allow them to recognize their “Presence”.

Once they gaze upon that amazing Chart, they know they have come home once again. In that, they know and enter into the Glory of Its Application. This causes the Great Light from within to expand and expand until every cell of the body becomes a glowing, blazing Sun of Light.

saint germain God presence chart

Oh, Precious Ones, will you not believe Me when I say it is possible for many of you sitting here in this room to shortly call forth the Light to expand in every cell of your body, until everyone about you can see that Light with his physical eyes?

There are five in this room whom I could place My Hand upon and expand the Light, until everyone of you will see the Glory of It. I say this for your encouragement. Will you not let this Light expand?”

Great Divine Director

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