understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“In the great calm serenity and the fullness of the Great Power which is the Light within you, you have the Reward It brings. Let no one, yourself or anyone else, longer limit you in the Acknowledgment of your “Presence”! If you do, the fault is yours.

Remember, nothing binds you but yourself. There is no power in Heaven or Earth to bind you longer but yourself!

In the fullness of My Love and Light I bless you, Precious Ones. Today you have become a part of My Love! As those Beloved Children in India became a part of My Love, so today you have become a part of My Love! God bless you!

Feel Its Wondrous Embrace enfold you and sustain you forever with Its Courage, Strength, and Infinite Directing Wisdom, Its full power to act.

“Mighty I AM Presence” of each one, I charge through the Higher Mental Body of each one the Activity of My Presence and Power of Divine Love, to do Its Perfect Work for these beloved ones of the Light. I Call forth the Mighty Violet Consuming Flame to dissolve and consume quickly every vestige of human creation.


Will you join Me in this Call in the silence and sacredness of your Heart, that Its Service and Assistance may be given without limit?

I leave you with the Blessings of the Great Ascended Masters, the Legion of Light, and the Great Cosmic Beings. Remember, the Great Silent Watcher has His Eye upon you! No longer may the Students of the Light practice any deception. Wise are they who always tell the Truth.

Accept tonight My Eternal Enfolding Love, Light, Wisdom, and Power to hold you in Its Embrace until your full Victory and Ascension.

I thank you.”

Great Divine Director

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