understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Glorified are all this day in the Sacred Radiance of the Great Cosmic Light which has come into action at Our bidding today, that you might have the benefit of Its Radiance in this concentrated Energy, Intelligence, and Activity.

Out of the fullness of this Great Cosmic Light will come to humanity its Freedom! In you great Call to the Light, which is your “Mighty I AM Presence”, you are fulfilling the requirements of the human octave of Life. Without that, the Great Cosmic Light would not be able, but in a small degree, to interfere with your Free Will.

The Call of so many in America today has made it possible for this Blessing of the Great Cosmic Light to enter in the fullness of Its Power. To this end We hope for complete Freedom. The next few months will tell how much of the cataclysmic activity will be governed.

Unhappy Europe! Will you with Us visualize and call forth the Mighty Cosmic Light, the Assistance of the Great Legion of Light, the Great Host of Masters, and the Great Cosmic Beings, to stay the onrushing destruction there? Much depends upon your Call; Europe does not understand how. The great mass of the people have largely accepted the appearance.

Therefore, I ask you to give your Call for the assistance of your fellowman there. You cannot imagine the Service you might render! In all the activity of the Messengers We have never once asked this, but tonight I ask it because it is needed.

There is a great volume of energy and Light released at the Call of more than two hundred thousand Students who are sending up their Call tonight, knowing this is the closing day of this Class, knowing of some of the great Radiance which is here.

How grateful, how very grateful We are, who have waited so long for the attention of mankind to be drawn to these limitless Powers that could give them the Assistance required.

You today who are learning something of this Great Infinite Law, the Law of Life and Its Conscious Application are privileged indeed.

We – who have attained, have Our freedom, and so long have been waiting for mankind to come to the point where this could come forth – are grateful for this Call. Otherwise, this would have been the greatest cataclysm which has ever come on Earth. We hope to minimize it, so the least possible destruction will occur.

May the Onrushing Cosmic Light produce Its Perfection for mankind, in and through them, untouched, uncolored by human, discordant creation. Many of you will live to see and experience the Great, Great Transformation!

Its on Its way!”

Great Divine Director

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