understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Tire not in giving your Mighty Decrees for the Freedom of the Earth! Know you not, oh, Precious Ones, that in the Call to the Light for the Freedom of America and the World, your Freedom is compelled to come forth because in this Call your thought and feeling are withdrawn from self?

Do you know that intellectual vanity and self-pity are the greatest tragedies in the experience of mankind today? It takes away from the individual the recognition and acceptance of the Power of Light which beats each Heart, which gives each one the service he requires.

Tonight, Our rejoicing is so very great, to be of Assistance; for the Service which it has been possible for Me to render since the Messengers were in San Francisco, I am very grateful and joyous to say, has been accomplished – because of your love, the love of the Students of Saint Germain.

You shall, ere long, know what the Beloved Saint Germain has meant to you and the World!  To Him is due all credit for the bringing forth of this Wondrous Knowledge of the “Mighty I Am Presence” in Its purity, clearness, and simplicity. It cannot be misunderstood. Yet the majesty of Its Power is there.

Behold It! Oh, Beloved Children of the Light, use It! Feel your authority in your Call to your “Mighty I AM Presence” and waver not! Your Victory is sure through the Service which I have been able to render you, all Students in America, and those in the other parts of the World who are in touch with this Radiance!

Do you know, have you thought how there are those already in touch with this Radiance in every nation in the World?

Quickly and surely there have gone forth these Wonderful Books, giving the Experience of this Beloved Brother standing before you. They are carrying this Light to the World. Into all parts of the World those Books have gone. Their Light carries them everywhere, and ere long they will reach hundreds of thousands and carry their Message of Light and Freedom to all.

Your Call, Beloved Ones, your Decrees have acted with almost Infinite Power. Do you realize what a blessing you are giving to the rest of mankind – you who have come to know the Glory and Freedom into which you have entered?

As the Beloved Saint Germain told you today, oh, your Doorways are held back by your Mighty “Presence”, because of your Call to It.

Doubts and fears shall vanish from the Earth! I so decree it, that mankind may enter into the Glory of the Freedom which every Heart knows and one day will experience!

So We ask you to go on and on and on, into the greater and greater Light and Freedom.

Arise! Awaken in the fullness of the Light of your “Presence”, that your Light may shine and illumine the Earth; that you may pour forth such a Mighty Radiance from your “Mighty I AM Presence” that the very Radiance becomes visible to the human form!

Then will mankind seek the Light, every one!”

Great Divine Director

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