understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Precious Ones, will you not feel and allow a great deep gratitude to fill your Heart and world for this?

To some of you it may sound like so many words. Oh, that you knew how much more it really means. Will you not accept – take advantage of this Opportunity; and with a greater earnestness, greater sincerity, and greater firmness, call the Great Intelligent Energy forth from your “Mighty I AM Presence” to act in you and your world and continue this Accomplishment with the speed of lightning.

Beloved Ones of Los Angeles, who have taken the initiative in much of the Call that has gone forth, it is very wonderful. Our blessed Mr. Sindelar! He has so untiringly worked to beautify and bring forth the wonderful material that has gone into the Voice of the “I AM”! How everyone in America should bless him.

Within that blessed Brother are dissolving all human things, all human qualities. Each day more and more he is feeling the selflessness of that great Service which he chose to render, at the request of the Ascended Master Jesus. Such loyalty of Service is a Beacon-Light everywhere.

So also is the Service of you Group Leaders and beloved Students everywhere a Beacon-Light in that same great loyalty and selflessness.

So too is the twenty-four hour Service which you are rendering of your own volition. Does it not show to the World what loyalty to the Light means?

In that constant improvement and beauty of your mind, body, world, and the greater supply which is coming forth for you, is an eternal proof to all mankind of the Great Reality of this Great Stream of Light.”

Saint Germain

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