understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Today, oh, Beloved Ones, great is your privilege! Great is your Freedom, which stands with the Door wide open facing into the great Eternal Light which holds all things for you. Will you not accept It? Will you not continue?

The Great “Presence” has pushed back the doors of doubt and fear, and over you is written in Golden Light – your Freedom. Will you not accept It? Enter in now with great firm determination, and see how quickly will all disturbance dissolve and disappear from your world.

You are now the master of your world if you will but accept and use your Dominion of the “Presence”. Never question your ability, your authority, your power of achievement.

God the “Mighty I AM Presence”, whose Ray of Light and Energy beats your Heart and sustains your Life is your certain Victory always. Will you not engrave that upon your consciousness for constant use, so It may show you and give you the eternal proof that you cannot fail?

A little child when learning to walk falls down many times, but does it think anything about that? It gets up and tries again.

So today, if you have made mistakes, be not discouraged by it, but with firmer determination arise and say:

“‘Mighty I AM Presence’, see that I make no more mistakes! Take command of this mind and body! Stop this human activity that makes mistakes! Let Your Intelligence direct, Your Mighty Light protect, and hold me Invincible against any outside condition, suggestion, or anything else which would deprive me any longer of my Freedom and Victory.””


Saint Germain

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