understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“You have all heard the Promptings of the Ascended Masters to use Their Ascended Master Consciousness. You must no doubt realize that this means the identical Self-luminous, Intelligent Substance of which We are speaking.

The Consciousness of the Ascended Masters is the Substance which is charged with the Consciousness of Their Victory through Self-conscious attainment – Their Ascension.

Now mark you, when you call the Ascended Masters’ Consciousness and Substance into action in your mind, body, and world, that carries with It the Consciousness of Their Achievement.

Therefore, do you not see, Beloved Ones, that in calling forth the Ascended Masters’ Consciousness to your assistance, you are charging yourself and world with that consciousness which has already attained?

Then, you see, it is so much easier and you will more readily turn and use these simple Laws of your “Mighty I AM Presence” for the Expansion of your own Light.

In the use of the Light Rays, it so happened that We all chose to render the same Service, which the Divine Director Himself said was unusual.

Therefore, in Our Service since, it has been almost indescribable, the things which We have been able to accomplish individually, in state and government.

This has all been done through the projection of Light Rays, which, mark you again – do not ever forget this – are Self-luminous, Intelligent Substance.”

Our Beloved Bob

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