understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“If I were to tell you some of the things that had been done in the recent strikes, and show you how the Substance of these Light Rays dissolves discord and enables individuals to reach an adjustment, you would be not only greatly delighted, but rejoice at this Service which is being rendered.

It is steadily and surely dissolving and dispelling all the vicious, discordant qualities generated by mankind. Those qualities are being used today by that which you know as the sinister force to still try to drive its destruction into mankind.

Therefore, Precious Ones, you do have sufficient understanding to call forth, as you see in the Chart, those Rays of Light pouring out from the “Presence”. You can now begin to call forth those Light Rays from the “Presence”, for they are Self-luminous, Intelligent Substance.

saint germain God presence chart

When you call the “Presence” into action to project Them to a given point, you are rendering the identical Service that We render, only in a lesser degree. The “Presence will always perform whatever Service you require.

Do not let your human self cause you to doubt or question, when you have called these Light Rays forth; for it will do all you require and quickly.

As you practice this, you will find that you have at your finger tips the use of a Great Law. It will delight you and give you the greatest possible Happiness and Freedom – far greater than anything the outer world has to offer today!”

Our Beloved Bob

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