stanza 3, slokas 5-9

5. The root remains, the light remains, the curds remain, and still Oeaohoo is one.
6. The root of life was in every drop of the ocean of immortality, and the ocean was radiant light, which was fire, and heat, and motion. Darkness vanished and was no more ; it disappeared in its own essence, the body of fire and water, or father and mother.
7. Behold, oh Lanoo! The radiant child of the two, the unparalleled refulgent glory: Bright Space Son of Dark Space, which emerges from the depths of the great dark waters. It is Oeaohoo the younger, the * * * He shines forth as the son; he is the blazing Divine Dragon of Wisdom ; the One is Four, and Four takes to itself Three, and the Union produces the Sapta, in whom are the seven which become the Tridasa (or the hosts and the multitudes). Behold him lifting the veil and unfurling it from east to west. He shuts out the above, and leaves the below to be seen as the great illusion. He marks the places for the shining ones, and turns the upper into a shoreless sea of fire, and the one manifested into the great waters.
8. Where was the germ and where was now darkness? Where is the spirit of the flame that burns in thy lamp, oh Lanoo? The germ is that, and that is light, the white brilliant son of the dark hidden father.
9. Light is cold flame, and flame is fire, and fire produces heat, which yields water: the water of life in the great mother.


“Mr. Kingsland:  Does not the perceptive power of the ant – for instance, the way in which it differs from our perceptive powers of colour – simply depend upon conditions, physiological conditions?

Mme. Blavatsky:  It may be, but the wise people say otherwise. They say they can hear sounds we can certainly never hear; therefore, physiology has nothing to do with it whatever, because they do not hear with the ears as we do.

Mr. B. Keightley:  They haven’t got any.

Mr. _____:  You can scarcely say they hear them, they sense them.

Mme. Blavatsky:  They have a perception of that which we have not, on whatever plane it may be, whatever thing it may be.

Mr. Kingsland:  Then we have a perception of that which they have not.

Mme. Blavatsky:  Most assuredly, you are higher than they, but I say we will be the ants on the sphere above.

Mr. Kingsland:  But how do you use the terms higher and lower in that sense, if they see and hear something that we do not, and we hear and see something that they do not?

Mme. Blavatsky:  I mean high in general. I do not say in this particular instance. I simply say we are higher in general, that the earth is on a higher plane than the one from which the ants come.

Mr. Kingsland:  Are they not on the same plane?

Mr. B. Keightley:  I think it simply means earlier and later in the history of the evolution, a later and in one sense more advanced stage of evolution. The ants will pass through a stage, passing through the human stage we are in now, whereas we shall not. In that sense we are higher.

Mme. Blavatsky:  I think that for you gentlemen who are electricians it is the most interesting thing, occultism, on account of its suggestiveness. It gives you ideas that you can never get from physical science.

Mr. Kingsland:  I thought you meant that the ants might have the perception of a higher plane than we have.

Mme. Blavatsky:  I never said that. I said they had perceptions of sounds which may be perhaps – well, I won’t say how many millions, but which are within – which are not at all on our plane, which we could not hear under any circumstances.”

H. P. Blavatsky

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