understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Your Higher Mental Body, Dear Ones, is the Thinker, the Doer of all that is good. While your physical body might have all the faculties still in them, yet without that Stream of Energy governed by your Higher Mental Body, your “Presence”, you would not be able to move your hand or anything else.

This is one thing I wish to convey to you tonight:  Everything depends upon the Acknowledgment of your “Presence”; for then your Higher Mental Body has the full Power and Authority to release whatever Mighty Intelligent Energy you require into your outer world and activity.

Without such Acknowledgment, only enough energy goes forth to just sustain Life.

Do you not see, Beloved Ones, how ordinary people without this Understanding of the “Presence” are using less than ten percent of the great Energy which is ready for their use?

Is it not too ridiculous, too stupid for words, to think that we have not reached out with enough intensity even to God – all Light – to release these Great Inner Powers which all of us have?

With Myself, when the awakening started, it was so tremendous – and I, without knowing it, was so ready – that after the first experience of which I just spoke, concerning the activity of Mr. Rayborn, it seemed to Me there never was another doubt in My whole feeling world.

I accepted everything else from then on readily and joyfully. Of course that accounts for My rapid progress and the Expansion of My own Light which took place.”

Our Beloved Bob

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