understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Then We arrived in Arabia, in that wonderful place. Just try for a moment to feel this as I give you a little general description of how I actually felt, for I still retain that marvelous feeling.

When we were driving along over the desert – nothing in sight anywhere but the low hills some distance away – suddenly the floor of the desert opened like the jaws of a great creature, and our automobile drove right in; the great jaw closed, and the desert floor was as usual.

Dear Hearts, can you imagine the feeling of one knowing so little about this Great Law as I did, when I suddenly began experiencing the marvels which came through It?

Then We went into that great buried city and the great rooms underneath. There everything was spotless, and the Great Ones were moving about doing Their Work.

In Retreats of that kind, those who are serving rarely speak a word unless spoken to, because they have learned the Law of Silence and the waste of Energy which goes on through the general chatter of mankind, for it is of no particular consequence.

When We observed them working, I realized as never before what a Great Being Saint Germain was. I had seen Him do many wonderful things. The dinner he precipitated at the mine in Mr. Rayborn’s little bungalow was a marvelous thing; but the things that followed afterwards were so much more wonderful.

Today what seemed so wonderful at first is quite commonplace now. They do such marvelous things in teaching the Students the use of the Light Rays. They can project Them, for They are tangible Substance, Dear Hearts!

Remember, always in your use of the Light, that Divine Love and Light – which are synonymous – are Self-luminous, Intelligent Substance.

Therefore, when you pour out a great volume of Divine Love to someone you love – a person, place, condition, or thing – the Self-luminous, Intelligent Substance enfolds that one in the Perfection which It is. It produces for you and for them a wondrous activity.”

Our Beloved Bob

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