understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“My Beloved Brothers and Sisters in the Light, tonight is My night of Joy in being able to convey to you something of that which I have experienced since this Beloved Messenger came to the Rayborn home. In My contact with him and then with Saint Germain, how little the first day when he came into Mr. Rayborn’s mine, did I realize what was to follow.

You beloved ones today cannot possibly imagine in your outer human sense the Beauty, the Perfection, and the Successful Achievement which is before you in your Acknowledgement and Application of the Law of your “Mighty I AM Presence”.

I shall never forget the first touch of this Knowledge of which I became outwardly aware. It was when this Good Brother came to the mine with Mr. Rayborn and selected the spot where the tunnel was to be driven in – where I thought it was not possible for any value to be.

Yet afterwards it proved the Wisdom of Saint Germain, even to the exact number of feet the tunnel was to be driven to reach the ore body. The tunnel did reach it and every particle of it was exactly as He said it would be.

Can you imagine what it meant to Me when I saw it all fulfilled? I am frank to say I thought Mr. Rayborn was crazy when he started that tunnel, because from a geological standpoint it was thought to be impossible for such a thing to occur. Yet it was, and is there today.

Now to return to our Work: At the time We left for Arabia and India, We met the Beloved Leto our first night out on the Atlantic, at dinner. She immediately took us into training and taught us how to leave the body consciously and at will – and what rejoicing We experienced! I presume I was the most enthusiastic of all, for when I found I could get out of that body and be free, I did not lose any more time.

It is such a joyful thing, Beloved Ones, to know that you – the Real You – are not bound to your physical body when you understand the Law and how to operate It.

Our Beloved Master Leto with such great Grace and Kindliness taught Us the very first evening how to do it. We were able to go and come from the body from that time on, without further Assistance.”

Our Beloved Bob

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