understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Now I must, because it is the Law, commend Mrs. Fisher in New York and Mr. Ekey in Philadelphia for the transcendent work that they have recently accomplished, because it has made it possible for the Messengers to go there again.

How wonderful it is to know how the Great Law raises up those who are strong enough to go forth dauntless before human creation, which deprives so many of their Freedom in the Light.

Today, you beloved ones in California have banded together in these very wonderful Groups of people. The Light, when you are gathered as you are in this room tonight, from the Higher Octaves becomes a dazzling, blazing Sun of Light.

Would you believe that, and would you like to see It? One day you shall!

The human is so strange, is it not? It so hesitates to accept what it cannot feel and handle. Yet the greatest thing in the world in all activity is that which is invisible! You all know this!

The Life that give you activity, you do not see It, do you? The radio which carried the lovely Message tonight from the lovely Messenger – you did not see its activity, but you heard it!

Then do you not see how in all the greatest activities, all Life’s action is invisible? Yet you have the use, blessing, and benefit of it.

Look at your great motors, look at your great engines. You do not see the operations going on in them – I mean the one who is not familiar with them, not the engineer; yet those who ride upon the train or within the airplanes, you are not as a rule familiar with that activity which is going on in the engine as it carries you through the air or over the rails to your destination.

Yet you accept it and use its blessing.”

The Old Man Of The Hills

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