understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Let us be very practical tonight, that once and forever there may be erased from your consciousness, whatever causes doubts and fears within you. Why do human beings continue to let the accumulated suggestion of mankind dominate them – for that alone causes fear and doubt?

Do you think the Life which beats your Heart accepts doubt or fear? It cannot. Then what is it? Just the accumulation of human consciousness.

Now today you understand how to enfold yourselves in Light’s Invincible Protection, and how to use the Violet Consuming Flame to free yourselves from all discordant accumulation.

If you will not do it, then you must remain in your limitations; but I plead with you – you who have been so earnest – use this! Do not cease when you are so near your Wondrous Victory.

Remember, your world is a world of your own. You are calling forth the Action of your “Presence”. Thus you can and are surely clearing your world of all accumulation of the centuries.

I plead with you, continue until the fullness of your achievement is attained. Then you will feel the great Outpouring from your “Presence” acting more and more quickly, until no longer does any doubt or fear touch your consciousness.

This Good Brother is a living proof before you, and those who knew him years ago know the Victory that is his. You can all do it. We have watched him pleading, pleading, pleading with the people to stand guard over their worlds, to shut out all inharmony, that the full, Pure, Perfect Energy and Substance of the “Presence” can flow forth to fill their worlds with the Perfection which the “Presence” is.

He will continue until you realize the Glory of the Scepter of the “Mighty I AM Presence” is in your hands, to command your world to be free.

Beloved Ones, tarry no longer! Arise in the Glory and the Light of your “Mighty I AM Presence”! Apply this Law with determination, and never can Victory be withheld from you.

Do you not see, Beloved Ones, it is only as you waver, that disturbance intrudes? Out of the Glory which is yours, oh, Beloved Ones, comes all that is good!

Never doubt for a second that every Assistance through the power of Radiation is being poured forth to you constantly, and no sincere effort is ever lost. Every step you are gaining is sustained. You cannot slip back.”

The Old Man Of The Hills

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