stanza 3, slokas 5-9

5. The root remains, the light remains, the curds remain, and still Oeaohoo is one.
6. The root of life was in every drop of the ocean of immortality, and the ocean was radiant light, which was fire, and heat, and motion. Darkness vanished and was no more ; it disappeared in its own essence, the body of fire and water, or father and mother.
7. Behold, oh Lanoo! The radiant child of the two, the unparalleled refulgent glory: Bright Space Son of Dark Space, which emerges from the depths of the great dark waters. It is Oeaohoo the younger, the * * * He shines forth as the son; he is the blazing Divine Dragon of Wisdom ; the One is Four, and Four takes to itself Three, and the Union produces the Sapta, in whom are the seven which become the Tridasa (or the hosts and the multitudes). Behold him lifting the veil and unfurling it from east to west. He shuts out the above, and leaves the below to be seen as the great illusion. He marks the places for the shining ones, and turns the upper into a shoreless sea of fire, and the one manifested into the great waters.
8. Where was the germ and where was now darkness? Where is the spirit of the flame that burns in thy lamp, oh Lanoo? The germ is that, and that is light, the white brilliant son of the dark hidden father.
9. Light is cold flame, and flame is fire, and fire produces heat, which yields water: the water of life in the great mother.

“Mme. Blavatsky:  Now you ask about the various meanings of the term “fire” in The Secret Doctrine. Under this term the occultists comprehend all.

Fire is the universal deity and the manifesting God life; fire is ether, and ether is born of motion, and motion is the eternal, direct, invisible fire. Again, light sets in motion and controls all in nature, from that highest primordial ether down to the tiniest molecule in space.

Remember this occult axiom:  motion is the Alpha and the Omega of that which you call electricity, galvanism, magnetism, sensation, moral or physical thought, and even life on this plane. It is motion which is the Alpha and the Omega of all that, and motion is simply the manifestation of fire, what we call the dark fire.

All cosmical phenomena were therefore referred to by the occultists and the Rosicrucians as animated geometry. You will find it always referred to as animated geometry – every cosmic phenomenon, every polar function is only a repetition of primeval polarity.

Every motion begets heat, and ether in motion is heat. When it slackens its motion, then cold is generated, for cold is ether in a latent condition. Mind you, I give you the Kabalistic terms and simply translate the things.

Within the seven principle states of nature are the three positive and three negative principles synthesized by the primordial light. They are six states.

The three negative states are:  first, darkness, second, cold, third, vacuum or the nothing. The three positive states are:  first, light on our plane, second, heat, third, all nature or everything in nature.

Thus fire is the unity of the universe. Pure fire without fuel is Deity at the upper rung. Cosmic fire or that which calls it forth is every body and atom of nature in the manifested nature.

Name me one thing which does not contain latent fire in itself, and then you can contradict me. Everything is fire, but fire under various forms.

Mr. Kingsland:  In fact, it has as many differentiations as matter.

Mme. Blavatsky:  Because fire you can never come and analyze as you do with air and water and say that is composed of such and such things.

You know, broadly speaking, it is combustion, but fire is the one great mystery of this universe, and it is everything, and this fire is what they call Deity, and I say that the fire worshippers who worship the sun are a thousand times more philosophical than we, for this is the one great symbol that can be understood.

I do not say the sun is such a very great unity in the universe, but in our solar system it is the ambassador, the representative of the real creative force of Deity, principle, call it whatever you like; you understand my meaning.

Now listen:  when we say that fire is the first of the elements, it is only the first in our visible universe; this fire of which we speak, which everyone of us knows under its various forms, and that fire that we all know even on the highest plane of our solar universe, the plane of globe A and G.

annie besant planetary LOGOS globes
In one respect fire is only the fourth, for the occultists say, and even the medieval Kabbalists say, that to our human perception and even that of the highest angels or Dhyan-Chohans, the universe, deity, is darkness, and from this darkness the first appearance of Logos is – what do you think?

It is not light; it is weight, air, or ether, the first thing that weighs, that cannot be seen, and yet it weighs in its primordial state.

Then the second is light, the third, heat, and the fourth, fire. The fire that we know, mind you; I don’t speak about the universal fire, that is a different thing.

Now, will you please put the questions plainly, because I am rather tired of them. I want really serious questions. I get mad over these questions and I want to put things that I can only put when I am mad.”

H. P. Blavatsky

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