understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“The struggle of mankind through the past few hundred years has grown more and more fierce, as the vibratory action and speed of all activity has intensified. You yourselves must see and know how great has been that speed. In your language, that “stepped-up” activity has meant so much in transportation.

Then, will you realize that within your human forms there has been taking place the same identical activity, in the increased speed of the vibratory action within yourselves? It is the same as has taken place, only in a cruder manner, in your world of transportation.

From the man with the rod and pack upon his back, have come your marvelous airplanes today. Still more wonderful ones will come forth ere long. Think in how short a period such transcendent progress has been accomplished.

You stand today, Beloved Children of the Light, in the Open Door of so much greater Transcendent Activity. Even that which is within your own scope of comprehension seems small indeed compared to it.

You must realize now that in all of the Magnificent Assistance which is being given you, no one should ever for a moment feel discouraged.  After having battled the forces that sometimes rock a Planet, then today, when you have before you your freedom, how can anyone ever again feel weary or discouraged?

Do you not understand, oh, Beloved Ones, that through the centuries you have continued to battle these forces of human creation continually?

Now you have before you the Remedy – the certain, definite, sure Remedy. How can you hesitate? How can you ever feel – ever again – doubt or fear?

With the Knowledge of the Greatest “Presence” in the Universe which gives you Life and beats your Heart, how can you ever again fear?”

The Old Man Of The Hills

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