understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“I tonight give forth to the Beloved Students of California, America, and the World, in My Humble Way, My Assistance to enable you to be free, more determined in your Application, and yet always with a great calm serenity which knows the Mastery of conditions which have heretofore terrified you.

Such is your right, such is your privilege, such is your authority, your ability.

Will you allow Me, tonight, to give you such Strength that no one in California who is earnest in his Application of the Light will ever feel again one moment’s doubt or fear?

It seems strange how sometimes lovely Students of the Light will accept human suggestions that make them doubt this Great Truth which Saint Germain has brought forth. They even doubt the great honest sincerity of this Good Brother, who has brought forth the Great Reality of the Law to mankind in being the observer of the Great Law of Life.

Last night, those who were present had such a transcendent privilege of hearing One who has so recently achieved the Ascension, describe to you Her Experience.

Beloved Ones, no longer waver, but with firmness and unyielding determination go forward in the Radiance of your own “Mighty I AM Presence”. There is naught that can stop you! Nothing can interfere with you or prevent you having your quick and sure freedom!

Oh, I plead with you, do not longer listen to human gossip and suggestions which make you waver and feel disturbed. The pity! Oh, the pity that mankind will longer gossip or accept vicious suggestions of another.

We are striving so earnestly to help you to set yourselves free, but without your cooperation and obedience it cannot be done.

Your Free Will must be utilized – and joyously – in order for you, oh, Precious Ones, to reach the Glory of Eternal Light and Freedom.

We, who have watched through the centuries, century after century pouring forth, sometimes feel great Joy at the accomplishment. Then again, We see mankind relapse into the chains of their own creation.

This time the Light’s Victory is permanent, and do you realize all of this is due to your Beloved Saint Germain?  No one else chose to go forth and take the consequences of success or failure! He did! He won the battle! Praise ever be to Him!

Why was it so? Because under the Great Cosmic Law, being of the Seventh Ray, he was the One to try it out.

When He said to the Beloved Messengers: “I have started this Great Law in Action; My Success now depends upon you, whether you are strong enough to stand with Me” – and they have been.

As the Beloved Messenger reminded you tonight, you have now become the Guardians of this Light.

We shall be happy to give you the Assistance to be the full Guardians of the Light which has done such wonderful work in California.”

The Old Man Of The Hills

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