understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“My Children, from out of the seeming Mysteries of Infinity has come Freedom to mankind, in the Glory of this simplified Instruction which your Beloved Master Saint Germain has brought forth. In all My world of experience, none so great has ever come forth.

Think, My Precious Children, today in a World so greatly in need, all symbology and expressions which have been so confusing to mankind have been withheld and will no longer be allowed to act in the World.

That which was once understood through great symbols – and it was once necessary to use them in former cycles – has passed! Mankind today must have the Law of Life in the simplicity of the “Mighty I AM Presence”.

Oh, Beloved Ones, while I speak to you tonight, will you feel as never before the Mighty Import of those Words – “I AM”. The Great, the Greatest Creative Word in the Universe is given into your use without limit. It only remains for you to apply It with firm determination to enable you to stand in the Octave of Light where We do.

Think how long We have endeavored to minister to mankind, and yet have seen so little evidence of accomplishment. Even that which has been accomplished was but temporary. Now today, in this Great Knowledge, this Great Wisdom in Its great simplicity which the Beloved Saint Germain has brought forth, mankind shall again be free.

Not for more than two hundred thousand years has mankind had such an opportunity! I plead with you, oh, My Children, feel how important it is that you apply, apply, and never weary of applying this Teaching of Saint Germain, which is absolutely certain, and without question will bring you Freedom from every limitation, and then your Ascension.”


The Old Man Of The Hills

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