understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“We make this Call tonight. There shall not anything turn the Students aside from this Great Pathway of Light ever again!

So shall I, with the Great Rays of Light, watch over and pour forth such a Power that It will silence forever every discordant thing, every individual, who tries to pour out falsehood concerning these Messengers and the Light. They shall cease, until one day they see their great mistake and turn again to the Light.

Stop the treachery of anyone who would come into the Class of the Loved Ones and then go out and spread falsehood concerning it! That thing shall cease, for I shall watch and stand guard! No longer shall such a thing go on!

I love this Good Brother as few can understand in the outer world. I told him I would render the greatest possible Service to him. So shall I, by standing guard to protect him, his loved ones, and the Light which Saint Germain has brought forth.

I do it of My own conscious Volition, of My own Great Love and Power, and I am not limited in the Power I shall use! Spread this everywhere, Beloved Ones!

Tell the people that David Lloyd, who made His Ascension on Mount Shasta, is standing guard over these Loved Ones and this Light! Let those deal with Me who want to harm them.  I have asked this Good Brother not to repeat My Name, but tonight I give it to you Myself.


So, Beloved Ones, stand in the Glory of the Wondrous Light of your “Mighty I AM Presence”. Be the fulfilling of the Perfection which It is!

You have the strength! You have the Power! Yours is the Joy! Your “Mighty I AM Presence” will release all the Strength, Courage, and Power you require for any given purpose, if you will but call It forth into action.

Never allow your human to cause you to feel that you cannot draw forth enough Power from your “Presence’ to do what you require in your world. It is not true. Your Call does release all the Power you need for any given achievement and for the Glory of your Ascension. Do not let your human qualification act to prevent your entering quickly into full Freedom.

“The Light of God never fails”, and that Light is your Life!””

David Lloyd

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