understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Today I call forth the fullness of this Great Power. I call forth the fullness of your “Mighty I AM Presence”, to take command of your minds, bodies, your homes, and your worlds; to produce Its Perfection and hold Its Dominion there; to make you dauntless before the face of man, and enable you to refuse acceptance of any discord or falsehood which may be uttered in the world about you!

Stand forth in that Mighty Light and move forth Victorious in the Light, glorifying your home and families with the Glory of the “Presence” which never fails. It could not and never will fail.

May Its Light blaze forth from your Heart, filling the world, your world, until there is no longer anything but the Light – “the Light of God never fails”; the Light that is the “Mighty I AM Presence”; the Light that beats your Heart and is in every cell of your body!

EXPAND, O LIGHT! O LIGHT! O LIGHT! Expand within these loved ones, and assert the Glorification of Thyself, forever sustained.

We thank Thee.”

David Lloyd

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