understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“In this great stillness, just let yourselves be flooded by the Glory of My Feeling and Conviction. Accept It, if you will! Qualify It to expand with great earnestness and speed to assist you, to glorify you with all the Courage and Strength which I have and feel in the gaining of My Victory, that It may give you all the Assistance you require for the same great joyous Achievement!

Feel the fullness of It sweep into and abide in your being, acting there with full Power and holding you first in Its Great Calmness, and then in Its Joyous Assurance of your Victory;

for only in the calmness of your feeling world can you gain quickly the Victory of your “Presence”. Feel It!

Oh, Great Host of Ascended Masters! Charge My Feeling into the feeling world of these Beloved Ones, all the Students in Los Angeles and southern California. Charge My feeling into their feeling world – My Feeling of the Glory and Victory, oh, so recently achieved.

Glorify every blessed one who has turned aside from this Light through some falsehood which has been spread to them – bring them back, oh, “Mighty I AM Presence”, into this Great Pathway of Light again!

Hold them so firm in Your Consciousness, so firm against the falsehoods that the sinister thing tries to feed into their worlds. Oh, sweep it out, Glorious “Presence” and Great Host of Ascended Masters!

Hold these beloved ones and those who have momentarily been drawn aside – hold them in Thy Mighty Tube of Light until no longer can falsehood turn them from the Pathway of Light.

Oh, “Mighty I AM Presence”, reach out Your Arms and Your Hands; bring into this coming Class {Pan Pacific} these beloved ones who have turned temporarily aside! Glorify them with the Truth which they know in their Hearts, but which through the foolish human intellect accepting falsehood has made them turn aside.

Bring them into Thy Great Flood of Light, oh, “Mighty I AM Presence”, and give them the strength and courage to stand against the falsehoods which have been uttered!

Make them stand forth in their own Freedom and Light.”

David Lloyd

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