understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“As I speak to you, will each of you beloved ones feel the Truth, feel My Feeling enter into your being? As I describe to you in My humble way that which occurred, so you may have anchored within you My Feeling of the Truth of the Victory, then one day you too shall experience the same thing.

I felt all the density released from My human form and felt the purified part of My human form Ascending. As My hands left his and I continued to stand there in midair, can you imagine the feeling which one would have while standing in midair, just as firmly as you stand upon the floor- not feeling anything but the Goal that was being accomplished?

When you have revolved within your feeling world with great intensity over a period of years, the Glory of the Ascension which had been brought to your attention – as some intimation of Its Activity begins to work in you and your world, you will find there is not a single feeling of anything but just rejoicing in Its Accomplishment.

There will be no human fears, doubts, or analyzing of how you are standing in midair. All those silly human things that confuse so many of mankind are just gone.

It is all so simple, Dear Ones. There is nothing complicated about these Transcendent Activities which mankind has now come to understand – not a single thing confusing or complicated about it.

Each one of the Messengers have endeavored to convey the simplicity, the Majesty of this Understanding of the “Mighty I AM Presence”, which one day is your Freedom and your Ascension.”

David Lloyd

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